Spiritual growth is impossible without going inside yourself. This path leads to consciousness of the deepest core of yourself, beyond your soul. Here you transcend your body, feelings and beliefs.
You become aware of the true self behind your personality structure.
Here you perceive your deepest commitment to respect, unconditional love from connectedness or oneness of yourself with others, the world, God or the Transcendent.
These experiences of love and unity work invigoratingly, inspiringly. They transform your personality until you 'are' respect, justice and love. The spiritual tradition speaks of enlightenment and ascension.

How can we help you work on spirituality?

Transpersonal coaching.
Inner Diamond seminars and workshops.
Spiritual training for young people.
The Enneagram as a development model.
Workshop 'Spiritual Intelligence'.


Our spiritual trainings are based on old and new spiritual traditions aiming enlightment and beyond, and in order to serve humanity.
After a careful study we started in 1996, we chose to work with the Inner Diamond seminars, developed by Marie Diamond, because of the reliability, purity and efficiency. Typical is the working with the level beyond the soul from day one. These courses offer a key based on the experience to understand the essence of Western and Eastern religions. From day one you are able to do them independently.
The Inner Diamond Meditation technique brings fort alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. The only condition to step in is an open mind towards energy transfer.

Inner Diamond Essentials

Conscious access to the quantum field.
During this day you learn how to transcend your body, emotions and thinking, connecting with the source behind the soul, and how to protect this connection. You disassociate from negativity and orientate on the good.
Four leadership talents are anchored in this way that you are able to achieve them independently, to embody strength, manifestation, compassion, detachment and radiate this. And use these talents to transform items.

Inner Diamond Basic

Inner transformation by reactivating the 24 aspects of enlightened leadership.During this two day course we anchor another 20 leadership talents, as excellence, empowerment, wisdom, cooperation, transparency.... . We practice more advanced transformation techniques to tackle whatever you want to overcome, like emotional and mental patterns in yourself and others. You learn to efficiently use your spiritual toolbox.

Inner Diamond Advanced

The path of awareness and manifestation. During this three days, we outline the path to enlightenment and ascension; which includes moral development. It further elaborates on the transformation techniques. You will see where you are on the path, and what there is yet to overcome. This course also provides a deeper understanding and liberation of the spiritual power to manifest faster.

Inner Diamond Cosmic Basic

We enrich the meditations with a spiritual cosmology, to experience a deeper unity with all there is.

Inner Diamond Cosmic Advanced

A three day courses to get free of your deepest wounds keeping you from finalize your call and the call of your soulgroup.