We have worked with government organizations, schools, healthcare facilities, businesses and private individuals.

Purposeful and fundamental communication.

Inner Balance: communication between your sub-personalities
Training: 'How to make a difficult conversation?'
Reflection in practice: how to reflect with students?
Socratic coaching.
Training "How do I increase the learning ability of my team: reflection techniques?"
Workshop 'Leading by questions.'
Workshop 'dialogue as a managerial instrument.'
Time management as self management.
Socratic dialogue: the art of talking and thinking together.
Workshop 'How I discuss fundamental issues in my team / organization? "
Meeting skills.


Training 'Ethical decision-making'
Dilemma training.
Training 'Professional moral judgment.
Training 'Moral judgment from inner balance.'
Leading with integrity - managing integrity.
Training 'Integrity and confidential information.'
Moral leadership.
Value Reflection in team and organization.
Workshop 'How to create a culture of responsibility and trust?'
Workshop 'Ethical Managerial Problem-solving.'
Training 'How do I facilitate a professional moral dialogue?'


Transpersonal coaching.
Inner Diamond seminars and workshops.
Spiritual training for young people.
The Enneagram as a development model.
Workshops spiritual intelligence.