About Essentie

Through the years we learned that individuals and organizations need to discover and develop their moral and spiritual intelligence. Especially in this ever faster changing world.

We are convinced that there is a great need for the discussion of and dialogue on fundamental and essential questions. Questions that deal with what is good and true, what is valuable and meaningful.
An individual, a team or an organization will only grow if they dare to confront these questions. Fundamental questions have the power to break mental patterns and dismantle belief structures. Thus, new sources of enthusiasm and sustainable creativity will emerge.

Man is a searcher for meaning. Before, during and after working hours.

We help you to explore your fundamental questions. We teach you how to deal with them, in a practical and methodical approach. We support you in your quest for moral and spiritual integrity.

Who are we?

Patrick Geussens (1961) read Religious Studies and Philosophy at the Catholic University Leuven. Since 1992 he lectures Ethics and Professional Ethics at Lessius Mechelen University College. He specialized in reflection and communication techniques. He is a trainer of ‘Ethical decision making’ for the Integrity Bureau of the city of Amsterdam and trainer of ‘Ethical Management’ for various other organizations. He is a master-practitioner in NLP and Socratic Dialogue facilitator. He is trainer in Moral Judgment certified by Nyenrode University. He attended a post academic training ‘Ethics officer - guiding moral learning in organizations’ at the University of Utrecht. He is a certified trainer of"Using Spiritual Intelligence in Organizations” by the Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence.

His speciality is designing and implementing ethical learning processes in an organization, using fundamental reflection- and communication techniques.

His initial question is: "Which communication techniques stimulate (moral) learning of individual, team and organization?

His blog: http://pgeussens.wordpress.com

Mimi Van Mileghem (1960) read Religious Studies and Philosophy at the Catholic University Leuven. As a co-author she wrote textbooks and workbooks for school counselors on assertiveness, moral and spiritual development. She was trained as spiritual therapist, as a Socratic Dialogue facilitator, ethical dilemma trainer and as Ericksonian hypnotherapist.
She is a trainer and coach in 'Ethical Decision making'. She is also active as a transpersonal NLP coach. Since 2005, she leads practical spiritual courses for adults as an Inner Diamond Meditations master-teacher, delivering Marie Diamonds strategy to enlightenment. She is a certified trainer of "Using Spiritual Intelligence in Organizations” by the Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence of Danah Zohar.

Her strength is coaching individuals and groups towards a higher level of moral and spiritual development, in contact with their essence.

Mimi and Patrick are founding members of ATL Europe - The Association of Transformational Leaders: