By improving the quality of your communication with yourself, you will gain inner balance. Controlling your internal dialogue will allow you to lead an authentic life.

The art of talking together and thinking about fundamental issues is vital for a team. This improves the problem-solving skills of the group. This reflectivity is a prerequisite for efficiency and effectiveness in the long term. These thorough and courageous conversations are necessary to break out of your own paradigm and to reach the level where real motivation and creativity emerges. .

The greatest obstacle in the development of an organization is the inability to speak honestly and transparently. In addition to the confrontation of the debate and discussion, there needs to be room for inquiry and creativity of the dialogue.

The development of these basic communication skills allows you to develop a reflecting team, a value-driven and integrity based organization.

How can we help you work on targeted and fundamental communication?

Individual coaching.
Formation 'Inner Balance: communication between your sub-personalities.'
Training 'How to do a difficult conversation?'
Training 'Reflection in practice: how to reflect with students?'
Workshop 'Socratic coaching and mentoring.'
Training 'How do I increase the learning ability of my team: reflection techniques.'
Socratic conversations.
The Socratic Interview technique: the art of talking together and thinking together.
Meeting Skills.
Workshop 'How I discuss fundamental issues in my team / organization?'